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Author Topic: Which sword did you like?
1st Mate
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Post Which sword did you like?
on: February 5, 2018, 07:04

Of all the swords that are represented in the game, you can choose some one to taste. Usually, at the beginning of the game you can buy Clymore in Bristol or Dublin, or Flamberge in Lubeck, and Class A armor Plate Mail Armor. The enemy usually has a certain choice, it's saber, scimitar, blue crescent, also there are slymore, flamberge and broad sword. Class * swords are not used. Although the game there are many other blades. This is usually the level of B, C, and D. Their low cost does not mean that they are bad. It's enough to have an attack level of 25, and these swords seem good. I like Japanese Sword, which can be purchased in Nagasaki or Sakai. Although these two ports are not on the map of all the characters. 🙂

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Post Re: Which sword did you like?
on: February 8, 2018, 06:08

I like to use the Rune sword, but early in the game I tend to use the rapier.

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Post Re: Which sword did you like?
on: March 31, 2018, 19:29

I tend to choose the Rune sword or other straight sword early for the consistency. The Rune swords attack is equally strong across the board, but it doesn't have a "super" attack. I seem to land more damage because it isn't as predictable.

For example, the Crusader's Sword will have a "super" attack if using Thrust against a Block defense. The Strike or Lash attacks will be noticeably weaker. Enemies seem to use Parry a lot if you are equipped with a Thrusting sword, negating entirely the super attack. If you can land it the Thrust attack is awesome.

For completeness, the Magic Muramasa is the same with the Lash attack against a Dodge defense. However the Lash is negated entirely by the Block defense, but if you can land it the Lash attack is awesome.

Any information that I provide is based on the SNES version unless otherwise specified. I have thousands of hours into New Horizons and I have played it since it was released in the US on the SNES.

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