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Author Topic: Hire mates, how do you choose them?
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Post Re: Hire mates, how do you choose them?
on: December 31, 2016, 19:28

I recently had another go at my old cartridge of the game, and found out I was wrong about something I said about that George Eggel you recruit from Hamburg. My rep was Catalina this time, and as usual I had her go to Japan trying to get ready with Atakabunes and Tekkousens, and wile se was in the 'hood, I thought I'd have her look for villages to dell to collectors, and around the Phillipines, I heard, "Commodore, Swiftwind is missing." And that was the name I gave to a La Reale Eggel was captain of. It appears if you go through certain areas like around the Phillipines and South Pacific, he(and I think maybe Carmine Ragussa) might disappear with any kind of ship. What the implications are about the characters involved, darned if I know.

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Post Re: Hire mates, how do you choose them?
on: January 5, 2017, 06:36

I think there is an area that is between the two big islands that are west of Ternate where ships can disappear. There can be a village on the west side of each of those two islands. Anyway, it is usually the last ship in the fleet that disappears. The only way I know which ship is last is to go into the fleet menu and scroll through the ships.

I've never had any trouble with Eggel. With his low starting level his stats usually increase well and he is one that I usually hire. Now Ragussa is a different story, his luck is ZERO and unless you hex edit the stats he is the epitome of Murphy's Law (if something bad can happen, it WILL happen to him). Ragussa starts at level 5 and increases to level 2. xD (attempt at a joke).

That type of thing usually happens before I get the best figureheads, but there may be any number of factors (such as possibly luck). I never bother with any figurehead except the Angel or Goddess.

Any information that I provide is based on the SNES version unless otherwise specified. I have thousands of hours into New Horizons and I have played it since it was released in the US on the SNES.

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Post Re: Hire mates, how do you choose them?
on: January 9, 2017, 08:30

Hey mates! Happy new year!

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