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Author Topic: Craziest Things Done - Testing Limits!
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Post Craziest Things Done - Testing Limits!
on: March 1, 2014, 01:05

I have been playing this game since 1995 and it has never failed to entertain me (and learning something new every time I play) for almost 20 years!

Over the years, I have been trying to do crazy missions (self-set missions) to challenge myself:

(a) Duke of the Home Deliveries
I'm currently playing Joao. It's 31st December 1523 and I have been sailing for more than 1.5 years. Total trade points? 35000. Targeted aim? 50,000 trade points.

Percentage of map explored: 0%
Number of ports invested in: 0%
Number of trade routes adopted: 0%

What have I been doing?
Going to the Guild and getting "Buy goods missions".

Very early in the game, one of the fastest ways of raising capital is by doing missions from the Guild.

At the start of the game, there are a variety of missions:
- Buy goods
- Transport goods
- Deliver letter
- Defeat pirate
- Collect Debt

At the start of the game, unless you're Otto, it's hard to defeat pirates with that tiny ship you have. Besides, there are not that many pirates around except our dear Idin Leis and Khyar Al-Din who are trying to kill poor, defenceless you. It would give you battle points and some cash, but you'll probably die in the process.

-Collect Debt. It's fun. You go around the world to find the person who owes the Marco Polo bank money. You find him, if you don't treat him, he might run. Sometimes, he runs anyway. I can't remember how much adventure points you'll get but it's long and tiresome.

-Deliver letter - to some far flung part of the world for 500 gold pieces? Forget it

- Transport goods - you might be tempted to sell it off.

So since I first started playing this game in Grade 5, I have been doing the "Buy Goods option". Stock up on art from Athens, Carpet and Copper Ore from Istanbul and Silver from Genoa. Go and get a buy goods assignment, head to the marketplace to see the chief trader.

In the Mediterranean region, it would always be either: 2 Art, 3 carpet, 4 silvers, 5 coppers, 10 iron ore and 11 tin.

Apart from investing in Tunisia and Bristol to get the iron ore and tin ore respectively, the rest are available for sell.

So I stock up a bit of these items so that I can instantly give them to the head trader. If they ask for iron ore and tin ore, then reload your saved game and head to the inn to rest and go back the next day for another item.

200 trade points, but 2 Ingots 1000 gold pieces. Normally the 1000 gold pieces are enough to cover the expenses for food and the purchase of the item, so the 2 Ingots are pure profit.

You would have to do 50 home delivery to make 10,000 points. You will have to do 250 home deliveries to make 50,000 points.

So be a duke with your original ship? Just do home deliveries!

(Although I'm currently using a Sloop. Remodelled: 5 men and more space for these items)

Also, as long as you don't get rank upgrades, the Guild route does not change. I.e. It has been 1.5 years, yet I go to Barcelona to get an assignment for Genoa. Get an assignment from Genoa for Naples. Get an assignment from Naples for Palma. Sail back to Barcelona. The route has not changed as if stuck in an never ending Ground Hog's day. But I am happy to exploit this to get my 50,000 points.

(B) Finding the Warrior in Ali
Only Joao and Ali has the rare skill of Negotiation. No other character is able to learn Negotiation (bummer!) So the only two characters who would be able to get the full 5 skills are these two.

For Joao, easy-peasy, just earn enough money and instantly get Celestial Navigation (most useless skill), Gunnery and Cartography.

For Ali, you have to sail into a few storms to get higher Intuition to get the Cartography skill, but to get Gunnery - Horror - have you ever noted that Ali's courage is 42??? To raise it to 75...takes a long time.

(C) 1st World - World
With Ali, have tried to raise the economies of all the ports in the world to 1000 each for Shipyard and Marketplace.

Ever been off the coast of Panama and Guatemala and have a pesky pirate trying to kill you? Only have a Xebec as you are actually on an adventure and not on a war mission? Thrown up your hands at the state of the port in Panama and Guatemala although you have star weapons and armour?

Fret no more! All ports in the world are at 1000! This means, not only you can build at least a Galleon, but you can hire 500 from the Pub in one shot (I mean one treat of Mango juice) and go about for the big show down.

However stranger things happens! Once too many ports are 1000/1000, the king of your country is unable to comprehend this and...instead of reading 50000 for economy, it goes -23456 for economy! Cracking under pressure I see.

As for the rest of the capital cities, their economy is only 202 (Istanbul), 187 (Italy), 194 (Spain) etc. Their merchant ships are Hansa Cogs. Their battle ships are Buss. The other 5 countries are in economical crisis as they can't make money and you have all the ports in the world under your control.

That is, world domination.

(D) Miscellaneous
At the start of Joao's game, if you earn a little fame points, head back to Lisbon and your mom would give you pocket money. But that would stop soon after you earn even more pocket money.

For Joao, having the Prince of Portugal and the Priest with you in the boat is just too much for the pirates and they wouldn't attach you either out of the fear of God or the fear of the wrath of the Portuguese King! (Well, probably the fear of the Portuguese king because they attack you immediately once you lose Prince Alberto (i.e. Domino Mana)(P.S. you can still go to the palace often to visit Prince Alberto, who now having cleaned up and wearing his princely garments looks disturbingly like Hans from the movie "Frozen")

So you'll need two people whose luck is at 100 plus yourself to have a natural repellent to pirates!

Anyone can complete the world map and you'll be congratulated for completing the world map but the Cartography master.

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Post Re: Craziest Things Done - Testing Limits!
on: March 1, 2014, 05:06

I've never tried the original ship FedUps route, and I didn't know that the guild routes would remain constant if you don't get ranks! Oh yeah, that's because Joao's story is bases on Adventure fame so getting the rank of duke from trade fame wouldn't advance the story...makes sense. I like the idea of being a duke using your original ship, I just don't know that I have the patience anymore to do something like that.

Actually, Joao can't get the Accounting skill...but the only thing I have seen that do is allow the person that is bookkeeper to tell you which port that you know about has the best price for an item - the skill is useless for anyone but the bookkeeper. I often use Ali for that reason and I usually raise his battle stats high enough to get Pilly Reis.

I also like to get the Letter of Marque for my character early, which means that Piracy fame has to be the highest at that point and you have to visit the ruler for his task - oh well, I didn't know that when I first started playing so I've played a lot of games that I didn't do that.

The strange ships for opposing countries is a known glitch for the high economy, but I don't think I've ever seen it go negative!

I also didn't know that you could get more money from your mother! I always get the stuff before leaving, but I've never gotten more.

Speaking of luck, do you know that refusing to take the money on your second visit to the Round Earth Society before leaving the port raises Joao's luck to 100 and it seems the only thing that can lower it is the ghost ship?

Any information that I provide is based on the SNES version unless otherwise specified. I have thousands of hours into New Horizons and I have played it since it was released in the US on the SNES.

1st Mate
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Post Re: Craziest Things Done - Testing Limits!
on: March 1, 2014, 12:27

Ha ha, it looks like we have another hardcore fan! 🙂
Welcome cye84!
If you browse around the forums you'll find a lot of info about our experiences with UWNH.
You'll also find a lot of historical facts, books and pictures that will make you want to play even more.

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